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Written by J. D. Holder   


Since the rise of the Protestant movement in the fifteenth century, and the liberty of freedom of speech in public assemblies began to be enjoyed, there have been public discussions of issues among religious bodies. So the book now falling into you hands is no exception to this rule, I suppose.

Mr Nichols and I held a discussion on south Alabama in 1944, debating the same subjects here discussed. I believe I have met nine of their men, three of them in two debates at different times.

At the date this discussion was held, I had been a member of the Primitive Baptist Church twenty-eight years, and had been preaching for them twenty-four years, preaching in twelve southern states, and five northern states, during that time.

Through the years I have believed strongly that the Bible teaches, and the experience of the saved teaches them, that .salvation from the guilt of sins is alone through Christ and by grace. This system of teaching is all I care to teach today, though it is assailed by the advocates of arminianism, and modern sects of our times.

I have no doubt that God will judge righteously in disposing of all things contrary to truth, save his people from sins, and punish the wicked for tie guilt of sins, and carry His work through to the final overthrow of all powers which mockingly turn to some other remedy than Christ.

I do not think I shall ever turn to something else, or preach any other remedy for man's awful ruin and guilt of sins. And I am perfectly satisfied with the dear people with whom I live, and what they believe and teach.


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