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Written by Lee Hanks   

Bethel Association has just closed one of the best sessions held since its constitution. It convened with Tallapoosa Church, near Carrollton, Georgia, one of the best church­es and unexcelled communities I have ever known. Nine different associations were represented. We had several able and gift­ed ministers there. The elders present were: J. N. Bobo and B. O. Parker of the Mt. Zion Association, H. H. Goodman and W. B. Denny from the Hillabee, W. J. Greene of the Ocmulgee, Rees Prather, F.L.Fuller and Morgan Williams of tile Prim­itive Western, Z. C. Hull of the Marietta, L. J. Gresham of Bethel, Texas, W. P. Flanagan of the Mud Creek, Alabama, T. J. Parish of Cane Creek, Lee Hanks, pastor of Tallapoosa Church, W. P. Merrell and J. N. Arnett of the Bethel. Our esteemed brethren, S. E. Copeland, J. P. Copeland, Smith, Nelson, Barnett, Wade, Hensons, Jackson, H. P. Upshaw, and others, to­gether with a number of good sisters, were visitors. There was perfect harmony in the preaching from start to finish, it seemed that each minister had wonderful liberty and our poor souls were bountifully fed on the good things of the kingdom. Had preaching each night. Brethren preached Friday Night at the homes of Deacon J. J. Lee and L. H. Burson; Saturday night at the homes of Brethren J. B. Copeland, R. C. Merrell, L. H. Burson, and Smith. I never saw more love and unity exhibited. Our cause in that country was greatly benefited and God was glorified. There were some precious ones belonging to factions, whose cups of joy were made to run over. I am sure they felt it was good to be there and we were rejoiced to have them. God bless them all.

I feel in my soul that God’s precious children will be sweetly reunited in love everywhere. When all can meet in love, confessing their own wrongs, leaving off all hobbies and mote hunting, they will come together like two drops of water. The conversation of the saints at this meeting was about heavenly things. The Bethel is a small body of Baptists numerically, but is great spiritually; one of the most heav­enly-minded bodies of Baptists I ever knew. You seldom hear any foolish talking or jest­ing among them. They have a number of excellent gifts in prayer and exhortation, which I so much appreciate. They will not fellowship Arminianism, Russellism, Univer­salism, Two-Seedism, Non-resurrectionism, predestination of sin and wickedness, or se­cret orders; just plain Old Baptists. They opened correspondence with the Ouachita Association of Oklahoma, Elder J. W. Her­riage’s association. Some of the brethren agreed to attend. Their doors are open to all humble, sound, peace loving Primitive Baptists, who preach the truth in love. It was a sweet meeting to me, to just have all these precious saints with us. I love their sweet fellowship. God bless them all. They all love predestination and all the funda­mental principles as the Bible teaches and as set forth in their articles of faith, but no further.

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