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Written by Wilson Thompson   



Minister of the Gospel, of the Baptist Church;
Lebanon, Ohio

"The Law was given by Moses, but grace and Truth came by Jesus Christ."


THE doctrine of salvation by Jesus Christ in its various branches, is held by all good men necessarily connected with the present comfort and future happiness of mankind. We should therefore make use of every laudable exertion, to propogate and explain it, to the weakest capacity of human beings. But from a sense of the importance of the work, and my own inadequacy, I have hitherto defered the undertaking, and should not now, offer the following sheets to the public, was it not for some circumstances that appear to make it a duty incumbent on me in particular: and it may be proper for me to mention some of these circumstances here.

First, reports have gone abroad, that I was an Arian, a Universalist, an Antimonian, &c. Those reports have given some sorrow to a number of my Christian friends at a distance; and I feel it my duty to unbosom myself to them. Secondly, the earnest request of a number of my brethren, who have seen some of my manuscript writings, (which I had pened at various times, for my own satisfaction, without, any design to publish them,) and thought they would be usefull to the Christian public. – These things with a sense of the situation of a number of my fellow men, whose minds have been so bewildered, by the flood of error that is sweeping over our land; that they have been exposed to and carried away with the awful delusions of the day.

These reasons with a wish to assist my brethren in understanding simple gospel truth, and thereby discharge a duty which I owe to the cause of God. But when I consent to publish this little book; I do it without the flattering hopes of gaining applause or popularity, from any sect of Christians or the public; for my education is so small, that was I to attempt to embellish my work with a fine stile, or grammatical precision, I should not be competent; and as I do not aim to tickle the itching ear, or gratify the eye of the public, or measure arms with the scholar; but to inform the mind of the humble inquirer after truth, which has always been persecuted, and remains unpopular; I therefore expect to share a part in its common fate, as my reward for this performance; but myself alone am accountable for it. And as to the doctrine it contains, I am well assured that the scriptures will defend it. – The Reader will easily perceive, that I have merely glanced over each subject which I have taken up; but I hope from the few remarks under each head, my meaning can be gathered, and the readers mind be furnished with a useful key, to open many passages of scripture, which would otherwise appear paradoxical and misterious: but with it, all is easy to him that hath wisdom, and right to him that hath understanding.

And if the truth of God should more abound through this little book, unto his glory; although the deluded multitude, should manifest their indignation against it, I shall have no cause to repent, so I say, go little book and in your poor and homely garb, face the polite world and speak for the cause of truth; publish the glories of a Saviour, point to the victories won by sovereign grace, and direct the sin sick soul to the life-giving medicine, ministered by the good physician in the absolute promises of the unconditional gospel of salvation.


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