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Written by Lemuel Potter   

A Synopsis of Four Lectures on The Communion Delivered at the Regular Baptist Church,  Owensville, Ind., on the 12th, 13th, and 14th days of April, A. D. 1886.


I hope, dear reader, you will not think me to be egotistic in putting this little work before the public, for I am truly sensible of my inability to do anything like justice to so grave a subject.

As there has been a great deal said in and around Owensville, on the subject of the communion, that made it seem necessary to lecture there on the question, and as there were likely to be remarks made about the lectures after they were delivered, I concluded to give the public the privilege of reading, for themselves, the arguments used.

I know this is a very imperfect synopsis of the speeches made, but the substance of the whole thing will be found here. It has been my aim not to defend close communion for all who practice it, but for the Regular Baptists. If it should meet the approbation of others, I have no objection whatever, but I have given our reasons, some of them at least, for our practice of close communion.

I hope that it will be a blessing to the church, and that the reader will be his own judge as to whether our reasons are good or not for the course of our church.


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