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Written by Li-ping Chen   

How much time do you spend in your day in prayer? Do you know that is a given promise and purpose by our God for our Christian daily life? Prayer is one way in which the believer claims the promises of God. Through prayer God reveals His character and His blessings. His precious promises are apparent to believers as they pray (2 Pet. 1:2-4). God makes several promises to His children who are committed to hear and to answer the prayer of every sinner who seeks forgiveness and to act on the request of every believer who asks in faith. Jesus told His disciples that the Father would do anything asked in His name (John 14:13-14). And also we know prayer is the opportunity God gives His children to become intimately acquainted with Him. This is a conversation with God, and enables the believer to build a personal relationship with the Lord. The most important is that you express a dependence on God and an affirmation of God’s promise to the redeemed for spiritual power. You should not doubt the response, because our Lord likes you to talk to Him, and He likes to direct your path when you ask for His help.

Do you know why you have to pray? The primary purpose of prayer is to seek His guidance. When a believer talks to the Father, each request for help and every desire for guidance should be asked in the name of Jesus. All of the conditions related to prayer are bound up in His will. To the Christian, God’s answer at first may be unclear or different from the answer expected or desired, or the answer may be delayed. Under these kinds of situation, how you respond with the Lord? Sometimes, we pray for our desires, and the Lord’s answer is “wait.” Do we wait patiently there, and try to let the Lord’s give us a clear answer. The Lord alone knows how your prayer requests fit into His  purpose, which is both for your good and the good of all other believers.

Do you know for what the purpose of your prayer is? Prayer provides an opportunity for adoration, praise, thanksgiving, confession of sin, and requests for self and for others. Prayer is as unique as each person and to participate in the mystery of seeing God’s purpose on this earth accomplished. Through your prayer, you call God by name, and He gives you His ear. From the time of salvation, a believer is promised the presence of the Holy Spirit as Helper, Tutor, and Guide (Acts. 2:33)   Also, prayer offers an channel for Christian fellowship and guidance for the church.

Do you believe that He answers your prayer? Yes, it surely is a true, and God promises His wisdom as believers pray. God’s answer always is the best and sincere intent of the heart, even if you can not understand immediately, you will find later on how the Lord is kind and faithful unto us. Do you believe, “He is your shelter, shield, and provision.” Definitely, it is no doubt, “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” (Ps 23:1) He answers us liberally, abundantly, and generously. He promised us He will give us eternal life, and we can dwell with Him in the house of the Lord. Is it a wonderful promise and purpose for us? My dear saints give your time to Him and talk to Him, and He will not let you down. Let us “Have a faith in God” (Mark 11:22), and may the Lord bless we all in His faith, and never discourage.

Finally, I like to share an easy way how to pray with the saints seeking for His will. “Prayer Hands” is an “ACTS” . "A" means Adoration; "C" means Confession; "T" means Thanksgivings; "S" means Supplication. Keeping your praying hands without ceasing (1. Thes 5:17), and enjoying being in His presence forever. Amen!

In His Promise and Purpose
Li-ping M. Chen
Lubbock, TX

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