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Written by John H. Fisher   

"We reject the non-resurrection doctrine that denies the resurrection of the mortal bodies of the saints. Also we reject the idea of two eternal seeds, or creators, or families. We reject he idea of the causitive predestination of sin. We regard it as a shameful neglect to rightly divide the word, to say, that, "God makes men do all they do," or that all wickedness ought so to be, while the Scriptures say, "these things ought not so to be."

"Yet we would not be understood to deny the perfect sovereignty of God over all worlds, beings and things that exist. He is the sole and only Creator of all things m heaven and in' earth, and allows the wicked acts of men, but does not cause them. We hold to an eternal covenant of grace in which God chose sinners of Adam's race and predestinated them to be conformed to the image of Christ as the result of the atonement made by him on the cross. They were not eternal spirits but men and women made of the dust of the ground, who possess a spirit, that is regenerated in time and reunited with the body in the day of the final resurrection and changing of the body. Our hope and prayer is that we are counted with this holy election and choice. We feel disposed not to contend rashly about the mysteries of predestination, regeneration or any other question that becomes foolish and unlearned. Extreme phrases about predestination should be left off. Three times in 2 Tim., chapter 2, Paul warns against foolish and unlearned questions." * **

"We believe that it is a habit and not the directions of the Holy Spirit that many of our ministers continually preach on strong doctrine and neglect exhortation and the practical things. Hence our members go to sleep, neglect the help to the ministers, lose interest in them and our churches almost die out. Why do preachers that cannot explain the deep doctrine get on that in every sermon? Is it of the spirit or of the flesh? "The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds," 2 Cor. 10: 4."

"In May, 1901, the name of this Church was changed back to simply "Mt. Zion," leaving off the word "New". Also removed all general bars to fellowship that had been recorded on the books, and the old book laid away, a new one started with the simple articles of faith and rules of decorum that are commonly used by the Primitive Baptists, and since then have been willing to receive ministers of our faith and order who believed in salvation by grace and were sound and orderly, and in good standing at home. We have ignorantly allowed some that were not sound Old School Baptists in our pulpit. We have no fellowship for the non-resurrection or two seed doctrine. Nor the causitive predestination."

"Mrs. Sallie Money has been the Clerk from the constitution of the Church, (the First Primitive Church, Mineral Wells, Tex.) A few years after the constitution of this Church, C. W. Webb, who had joined and been ordained a deacon,, became dissatisfied on doctrine, he holding that the preaching of the gospel is a means in the regeneration of sinners. He made his views a bar to fellowship and was excluded. He had donated a building for a church house, but was allowed to take his house back. Soon after this, Sister Sallie Money furnished the money and built a meeting house which she donated free to the First Primitive Baptist Church at Mineral Wells. It is a nice, well furnished building, neat pulpit and lighted with electricity. She has practically kept it up ever since. The Church has greatly appreciated her liberality and her constant devotion to the cause. She has been a blessed devoted witness in the midst of great opposition and difficulties."

"In the year 1900, Mt. Zion Church kindly withdrew from organized Associations, and has since held an annual meeting, which, we call Mt. Zion Association. There was then no other Old School Baptist Church in Young county. We have from time to time held meetings where we have extended an arm of the Church. This was done at Quay, New Mexico, where several were baptized. Also to Silverton, Texas, and True, Texas, from which the churches at these places sprang up. We had an arm at Lucille in Palo Pinto county and finally a Church there called Little Vine, which received several members and finally went down by the members moving off and some dying."

"In 1882 Deacon A. B. Medlan built and donated to Mt. Zion Church a stone building, and in 1899 he bought a farm that joined the church it, and donated this to the Church as a parsonage, the proceeds of which are for the pastor. These were two noble gifts from Brother A. B. Medlan that have been greatly appreciated."

"We have opposed the bars of fellowship set up about things in other churches which have been settled by said churches in peace and without a dissenting voice. For this reason we have lost a few members who went out from us because they were not of us. We believe that each church is free to attend to her own local business and that no other church has a right to object unless she has departed from the plain undisputed statements of the Scriptures. Differences in opinion about things not made plain in the Scriptures should be settled by each Church as she sees fit. We believe in the resurrection of the mortal bodies of the saints at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. That all the sheep will come forth in the image of the glorified Christ. We wish to live in peace with all the saints, and that we should bear each other's burdens in kindness and forbearance and labor together, in carrying our Lord's command, believing that His coming draweth nigh."

J. H. Fisher.

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