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Written by John H. Fisher   

The Primitive Baptist - May 16, 1935

Elder J. C. Denton, of Leon county, Texas,. was well known in my early day. He was son-in-law to Elder Seely, who opposed the Two Seed doctrine, and Elders Denton and Seely were strong against that doctrine in their day. Elder Seely, for a time, lived around Wortham, Texas, Elder Denton lived, in his last days at Longview, Texas, with a son, and was killed by a train running over him as he was going from the post office.

In calling the names of the sons of F. D. L. Koen, and using the name Wayne Koen, I should have said Clabe Koen.

Doctor Ball was a preacher in the Trinity River Association when I first came among the Baptists. He lived in north Denton county. Elder A D. Bourland was a leader and moderator of the Trinity River Association. Elder John Collins was also a member of this body of Baptists, as was McKelvy, Allen, Flanagan, Shipman. Thomas Miller, Bean and others, with Solon Gipson.

J. L. Hughes lived near Sherman, Texas, but later moved to West Texas, and then to Greer county, Oklahoma, and was for a long time pastor of Wanderers Creek Church, south of the Red river. He was a most humble and lovely character, and I have ever loved such men dearly.

Asa Howard lived in Parker and Denton counties, and died in the old soldiers home in Austin. Oscar Rutledge lived in Peace Valley Association, and died north of Weatherford. James Staggs lived near Weatherford. C.C. Pope lived at Poolville, Texas, in Parker county.

G. W. Burns was the first pastor of Little Flock Church near Munday, Texas. Lived there for years and was a friendly, kind brother who worked for peace.

J. W. Jones lived in Wilbarger county, and later in Young county. He had not lived long in Texas till he died. J.J. Johns lived in East Texas, in the bounds of the Sulphur Fork Association; moved west and lived in King county, and founded Wanderers Creek Church there. Later on this church was moved to Jackson Springs (Odell), and is the name of the church there at this time, and Elder O. Strickland is the pastor now. Elder Johns moved to Oklahoma, founded another church, and died near Tecumseh Okla. 

J.C. Kilgore lived m Brown and Comanche counties and was moderator of the New Harmony Association for years. W.M. Kilgore lived in East Texas and Louisiana, and died there. He traveled a great deal. J. E. Knighten lived in East Texas, and had formerly come from Louisiana and was very noted among the East Texas Baptists. Lived in the bounds of Sulphur Fork Association. I have met him in the bounds of several associations in the east.

Joel Lewis lived in Collin county, in the bounds of the Pilot Grove Association, when the big fight started here in Texas over predestination. This matter came up at the first association that I ever attended in my life. Elders Lewis and Gotchers led l the fight. W.J. Fleming traveled a great deal, but I was not so well acquainted with him. J.K. Holcomb and his father, C. Holcomb, lived in San Saba county when I knew them.

John Huckaby came from Mississippi, and preached in Fannin and Grayson counties, and moved on to Oklahoma, and died there, if my memory serves me right. Al Chambers lived in Comanche county and preached mostly in the bounds of Old Harmony Association.

Jasper Chambers was the father of Al Chambers, and went to preaching when he was old. M.W. Dumas preached with the above ministers, and was an old man when I met him.

J. H. F.

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