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Gus Nichols and J. D. Holder first met in debate at Tallassee, Alabama, in 1944. At the close of that debate, Mr. Nichols' moderator, Rex Turner (now President of the Alabama Christian College in Montgomery) suggested publicly that the debate should be repeated and committed to record for publication.

A rumor was circulated among the Primitive Baptist people near Medina, Tennessee, in 1948 that the church of Christ would not debate with them. Hence a challenge, signed by the elders of the Medina church of Christ, was sent to the nearby Primitive Baptist Church, calling for a discussion of their differences. This challenge was accepted, and the Primitive Baptists endorsed J. D. Holder as their representative. Gus Nichols was selected to represent the church of Christ.

A year passed before the propositions were agreed upon and signed by both speakers. The date (September 11-14, 1950) was mutually agreed to, and due announcements were made.

The first session was held at the church of Christ building. But due to the overflow crowd (which filled not only the church building, but also a tent in the church yard) it was necessary to obtain larger quarters. Permission to use the school gymnasium was refused, but an open packing-shed was secured for the last three nights. It was estimated that more than two thousand people were present for some sessions.

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