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I was born on July 10, 1941, at Thrasher, Mississippi. Although I had no deep religious convictions until I was about twelve years old, I always respected the churches and people for their desire to follow Bible patterns.

At about thirteen years of age, I attended New Hope Church near Booneville, Mississippi, where I saw a young lady submit to the ordinance of baptism. A heavy burden descended on me, which I could not escape nor satisfy. Shortly thereafter, I heard my uncle, Elder J. D. Holder, preach a touching sermon on the afflictions of David. After going to bed that night, I felt another burden -- this time to speak in the Lord's name. Relief came only when I sat up in bed and preached out to myself the thoughts on my mind regarding David. This burden did not return until after I was baptized.

The burden to take up my cross in the Church became progressively heavier, and I felt more overwhelmed with fears than ever, until in December of 1955, I was baptized by Elder J. D. Holder, my uncle.

In February of 1956 I was asked to open the services at my home Church, Sardis. My efforts seemed weak and unprofitable, but I felt a blessing in making them, and the Lord's people who heard me were kind and encouraging, which gave me much strength. In May of 1958 I was ordained to the ministry. For the next few years I preached at the Churches near home and made a few trips among Primitive Baptists in other areas, but as time passed I began to feel that the Lord had a ministry for me in some other location. The love and kindness of the people in Mississippi made me feel a sense of sadness at the thought of leaving them but I continued to feel that conviction. I traveled from Maryland to Florida to Texas, but I could not feel that I had found my place. In 1961 I made a trip to northern California where I met some wonderful Primitive Baptists. Shortly thereafter, I moved to that area where I labored primarily at the Church in Ceres.

I had not been there long until I met my wife Sandra. A desire for the Ceres Church and proximity to Sandra's parents were strong, but I still felt sad at having left my people in Mississippi. I thought I could go back and be satisfied, but soon the Lord began to stir my nest, and I realized that I must follow the leadership of the Spirit, regardless of where it led me. That Fall Sandra and I (we were married on July 7, 1962) moved back to California. I felt many doubts about myself, but I could not be satisfied until I followed the sense of leadership I felt. We settled in southern California, where I found a job and began serving Churches in the area.

The Lord has blessed us with three daughters and a happy home, for which I feel extremely thankful.

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