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Elder Michael Lawrence Montgomery was born July 27, 1957 in San Marcos, Texas. He is the oldest son of Elder Hugh and Nettie (Fannin) Montgomery. He was baptized at the age of ten by his grandfather, Elder J. M. Fannin, at the Salem Church in Wichita Falls, Texas. In 1983, he married the former Judy Elaine Sandage of Donaldson, Arkansas. To this union two children were born: Daniel Lawrence, and Caitlin Elaine. In 1983, Brother Mike was ordained to the ministry at the Littlevine Church in Austin, Texas

ELDER MONTOMERY WRITES: I have always loved God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Loving Primitive Baptist parents raised me in the Church. I have always loved the Church. I joined when I was ten years old, a week after I heard a Primitive Baptist preacher preach on water baptism. I can’t remember his name or the place where I heard that sermon, but I’ll never forget how his preaching affected me. I had never felt such conviction like that. I vowed to the Lord to join at my home Church the next Sunday, and I did. From that point on, I have never regretted being a member of the Lord’s church.

It was about the time I joined the Church when I was ten years old when I first felt the call to preach. Of course, I never told anyone about my feelings and was in no wise ready at that time to speak from the pulpit. I knew very little of our beliefs.  All I knew was that I loved the Church and that I had a feeling that someday I would preach. I kept my feelings to myself. I don't ever remember speaking of them to anyone. As I progressed in age, my interest in the Church also progressed. I enjoyed going with my father to his appointments, some of which were a couple hundred miles from our home in Lampasas, Texas. My first attempt to speak publicly in the Church was at the age of seventeen at a fifth Sunday meeting in Quemado, Texas. I'll never forget how I was told that I was to open services for Elder Hulan Bass and the effect it had on me. I opened services many times after that but they would be classified as just "giving a talk" yet, from the time of my experience in Quemado, I never doubted that I was called to preach. I was ordained when I was twenty-three.

My ministry started in the Hill Country of Texas. I have been pastor of Churches in Harlingen, Corpus Christi, Corsicana, and Fort Worth, all in the Sate in Texas.

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