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Elder Sylvester Hassell

God has blessed the Primitive Baptist Church with a rich heritage. In the years since the 1832 Black Rock Address, there have been hundreds of able ministers of the gospel who have committed their thoughts to writing. There has been no greater gift in this field of labor than Elder Sylvester Hassell.

We dedicate this page to the memory of his life of faithful service to God. It is our hope that some of his writings contained at this site might help you in your walk, as you draw nearer to the great God that Hassell so diligently preached.

For more than 50 years, Elder Hassell sought diligently to serve his Lord in every field to which he was beckoned. He preached the gospel from his home country of North Carolina, to the churches of God in Maine, and as far west as Texas. Over 1000 articles from his pen were published and distributed among God's people, and each of them provides valuable insight to the student of God's word.

One of Hassell's earliest, and no doubt best known, works is "THE HISTORY OF THE CHURCH OF GOD, From Creation to A.D. 1885."

Below, you will find links to the some of the editorial writings of Elder Hassell. Very soon, we hope to have the entire "History of the Church of God" in electronic format, along with more of his articles. Please return to this page as these works come online.

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Item Title
Announcement of the Church History
The Man of Belial
A Question of Order in North Alabama
Toplady's Dying Testimony
The Genesis of American Anti-Missionism
Cease Ye From Man
An Irreverent Age
Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers-Part 2
Questions and Answers-Part 3
Questions and Answers-Part 4
Questions and Answers-Part 5
Questions and Answers-Part 6
Questions and Answers-Part 7
Questions and Answers-Part 8
Questions and Answers-Part 9
Questions and Answers-Part 10
Questions and Answers-Part 11
Questions and Answers-Part 12
Questions and Answers-Conclusion
Interpreting the Scriptures-The Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture
Interpreting the Scriptures-Jewish-Heathenish “Ultraisms”
Interpreting the Scriptures-Strifes of Words and Hobby Horses
Interpreting the Scriptures-The Danger of Applying All Scripture to the Children of God
Interpreting the Scriptures-The “Two Seed” Heresy
Interpreting the Scriptures-The Error of Fatalism
Interpreting the Scriptures-The Error of Anti-Trinitarianism
Interpreting the Scriptures-The Error of Denying the Incarnation of Christ
Interpreting the Scriptures-The Error of Denying the Existence and Fall of Angels
Interpreting the Scriptures-The Error of Denying the Immortality and Endless Duration of the Soul
Interpreting the Scriptures-The Error of Eternal Vital Unionism
Interpreting the Scriptures-The Error of Denial of a Change of the Soul in Regeneration
Interpreting the Scriptures-The Error of Conditionalism
Interpreting the Scriptures-The Error of Meansism
Interpreting the Scriptures-Eschatology
What is Truth?
The Way of Christ is Best
Doctrine and Pratice
Matt 23:37
The Fulton Convention
Bible Baptists
C.H. Spurgeon
Acts 2:38
My Fifty Days' Tour In Indiana and Illinois
Forbearing One Another In Love
My Seventy-two Days' Tour In The Middle States and In Canada
My Two Months' Tour In Georgia
My Six Weeks' Tour in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and West Virginia
Faith and it's Relation to Salvation
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The Primitive or Old School Baptists cling to the doctrines and practices held by Baptist Churches throughout America at the close of the Revolutionary War. This site is dedicated to providing access to our rich heritage, with both historic and contemporary writings.