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Elder Saint A. Paine

Elder Saint A. Paine was born in Tennessee, April 3, 1874. Came to Texas in 1889. He received a hope in Christ at age 15 years and joined the church in July 1896. He was baptized by Elder J. G. Webb. He was ordained to the gospel ministry in 1897 and proved himself to be a true gospel minister up to the time of his death, November 1, 1910 at his home in Dublin, Texas.

Upon his death, Elder W. H. Richards (a close friend of Elder Paine) said of him, "His death caused a sadness over the Baptists of the West such as never been experienced among them before. I have often remarked that I did not think he would live long. He was such a brilliant gift. I thought that he was doing his work fast. I considered him the ablest man among the Baptists in the defense of the doctrine."

Elder Paine left a large supply of wonderful articles defending the truths of the Holy Scriptures. Please return as these works come online.

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