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David Blair Montgomery was born May 11, 1959 in San Marcos, Texas. He is  the second son of Elder Hugh and Sister Nettie (Fannin) Montgomery. He was baptized at the age of fourteen by my father at Littlevine Church in Austin, Texas.

Elder Montgomery writes: In my late teens, my interest in the church increased and I began to read my Bible, ask questions, and listen to the brethren in their Bible discussions. In addition, I began to sit on the front pew so as to concentrate on the sermons better. Soon, it came to the point that I was asked to introduce services, which I did with much fear and trembling. The ministers that were influential to me in those early days were my father, my grandfather (Elder J. M. Fannin), Jesse Bass, Dickie Daniels, Bill Walden, Weldon Walker, J. P. Dale and J. A. Rowell, Jr.

When my older brother Mike was ordained to the ministry in 1983, I was very proud of him. I felt that the Lord had called him to preach and that He had faithfully followed that call. I, on the other hand, was more than content to remain unnoticed in the background. At the ordination, one of the Deacons put his arm around me and said, "Well, now Mike is ordained, and you are next." That was a shocking thought, as I had never considered myself ever being a preacher. I was too shy--just let me stay in the shadows--I was more than happy there. Yet, it was not long after, that I began to speak more frequently.

In 1985, I married Robbie Collins of Muleshoe, Texas. She has been a great help and encouragement to me. I consider her my greatest help outside of the Holy Spirit. Her wisdom and gentle spirit have been a tremendous blessing in my ministry. We have been blessed with four boys: Nathan, Benjamin, Matthew and Samuel.

In 1986, I was ordained at the Littlevine Church in Austin, Texas. My father and Elder Bill Walden delivered the charge, Elder Mike Montgomery offered the prayer, and Elder J. P. Dale interrogated. Elders in the presbytery were: Hugh Montgomery, Mike Montgomery, Clifford Gowens, Steve Wilkinson, Bill Walden, W. R. Daniels, Jr. J. P. Dale, Clyde Farmer, George Johnson, Weldon Walker, J. A. Rowell, Jr., Dale Turner, Jr., Boyd Chambers, Larry Housenfluke, and G. H. Crain.

As of this writing, I have served churches in Harlingen, San Antonio, and Fredericksburg, all in the State of Texas.

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